The difference between the right word and the almost right word is
the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.Mark Twain

Cultureloop – The Power of Comprehension

Do you hear people speak your language but nevertheless you feel misunderstood? Whilst in this global era it’s easy to gain a certain degree of proficiency in English there still remain the tiny details that make the difference between acquired proficiency and The Mother Tongue, which from birth on instills an innate feeling for the respective language.

At the very least, when using a dictionary in search of the correct definition of a word is where a native speaker steps in. It is not rare to find multiple – some of them completely different in meaning – definitions to choose from. The native speaker knows which word is to be used when and in which way.

That said … this is where Cultureloop appears …we are so much more than translation!

Based on native speaker competencies in two languages, we strive to help you understand and be understood. In two languages. In two mindsets. An English and German connection, so to speak. We are committed to keeping “false friends” at bay, helping you with the intricacies of language, directing you where you need to go and assisting you along the way. In either language.

We tailor to your needs – should they be cultural, business or family related. We not only translate a language – we convey a state of mind.

  • Understanding you
  • Understanding language
  • Understanding your needs