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The world is your oyster!

What does it take to „set up camp“ in Germany? Cultureloop starts where most relocation companies stop. We pick up loose ends and support you throughout your stay or however long it takes for you to settle in and feel comfortable.
Where do I find what? Ever wonder where to go for equivalents to your much-loved items from home (medicines, spices, foodstuff, furniture etc)? Do you need assistance in dealing with professionals, e. g. doctors, dentists, therapists of all kinds, accountants, attorneys, official offices etc? Are you looking for playmates for your children, schools, after school activities, English-speaking places of worship?

  • Pros and cons of residential areas in and around Munich
  • Evaluating pre-schools, schools and activities for your children and how they may suit your needs
  • Where can you go for things you need and know from home or how can you at least find their equivalents?
  • Doctors, insurance, emergencies and hospitals: Cultureloop can assist you in all aspects and can help you cope in times of need.
  • Taxes, official business: What you need to know, what official requirements do you need to comply with during your stay, assistance in making sure you get what you’re entitled to.